Cobra Foundation is an independent charity, established in 2005, with the primary purpose of providing health, education and community support for young people in South Asia, especially through the provision of safe water. Our charitable objectives include giving help with Disaster Relief in the Region.

We support charities and non-charitable good causes that undertake work within the parameters of our mission. We also support fundraising efforts with the provision of community stocks of Cobra beer to selected charity events.

Congratulations to Cobra Beer on ten new gold medals at Monde Selection Awards 2020

Ten new gold medals take Cobra Beer’s total to 121 gold medals at the Monde Selection Awards since it first entered in 2001. Read press release.

Covid-19. Complimentary Cobra Beer

The provision of complimentary and community rate Cobra Beer is currently suspended. This includes auction and raffle prizes of A Free Case of Cobra Beer Every Month for a Year!

We are not supplying stocks of beer for charities and other good causes, principally because throughout the UK no events are being held.

We will not be processing requests until we have confirmation that it is safe and appropriate to do so. This is unlikely to be before the end of July 2020.

If a ‘virtual’ event is under consideration in some form, consideration will be given to offering the prize of A Free Case of Cobra Beer Every Month for a Year! However, delivery cannot take place until restrictions are lifted.

Charities and other good causes who wish to apply for support from the Cobra Foundation are encouraged to do so by submitting our standard Application Form.

We understand that cancelled events, or events being planned following the confirmed end of the epidemic, may only have provisional dates. It is important for us to know these, to help with our own prioritisation. We can make provisional allocations through until 31 March 2021.

7 April 2020