Cobra Foundation has made a donation of £17,000 to WaterAid to support sanitation and safe water projects in South Asia. This significant sum has been made possible through a partnership established in 2014 between Cobra Beer Partnership and Belu.

Through this initiative sales of Belu water are being developed throughout the Ethnic Restaurant Sector in the UK. The sum of £17,000 is the profit for 2015 and has been donated in full to WaterAid.

Sales are increasing and it is intended to make quarterly donations to WaterAid throughout 2016.

Karen Lynch and Karan Bilimoria

Karen Lynch, chief executive officer, Belu and Karan Bilimoria, chairman, Cobra Beer partnership

Our partnership with Belu and WaterAid came about thanks to a shared goal of creating social change, and an opportunity to give the Ethnic Restaurant Sector (ERS) a real reason to choose a specific water brand for the first time. Many owners and staff in the ERS have personal links to South Asia, where the money raised from sales of the co-branded bottles will be spent.

IMG_1090“The Cobra Foundation is delighted to be associated with Belu and the great work that it does with WaterAid. Our own charitable Foundation has always supported projects in South Asia and this close collaboration allows us to use our expertise and relationships with the ethnic restaurant sector to do even more for charity.

“Samson Sohail and his sales team at the Cobra Beer Partnership Ltd have started the ball rolling. With the help and support of many of their friends and colleagues within the industry we are rolling out the distribution for the jointly branded Cobra Foundation Belu water across Britain’s 7000 licenced Indian restaurants.”

Tony Gibbons
Director of multiple on trade,the Republic of Ireland & the Cobra beer partnership
Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Limited
Trustee, Cobra Foundation
21st March 2016


View the Belu Impact Report for 2016 which details the last five years of their WaterAid partnership.

“We are immensely proud to have developed this special edition Belu with the Cobra Foundation. Finding like-minded individuals who share the same goal, to make the lives of others better, is something to embrace.”

Karen Lynch
Chief executive officer, Belu

“I am delighted and honoured to have this opportunity to work with Belu and WaterAid which gives the work of Cobra Foundation an even greater impact, The difference WaterAid makes in places like South Asia is huge. They are saving lives every day and I’m humbled that Cobra Foundation can be a part of that. In 2010 we donated £10,000 to WaterAid in the aftermath of disastrous floods in Pakistan. To develop this partnership further is a tremendous boost for us all.”

Karan Bilimoria
Chairman, Cobra Beer partnership