Cobra Foundation is supporting Magic Bus’s work across India with a donation of a year’s supply of Cobra beer for the annual ICAP Charity Auction.

The ICAP auction gives organisations such as Magic Bus the opportunity to raise vital funds by submitting prizes. Last year, ICAP employees and customers raised over £90,000 bidding on prizes, with 100% of each winning bid going to charity.

Cobra Foundation has partnered Magic Bus for several years and congratulates the charity on its wonderful work.

With the funds raised from the ICAP Charity Auction Magic Bus will be able to continue its work to bring children out of poverty. Through their innovative curriculum of physical activity, sport and mentoring, they are ensuring that children in India attend school, empowering girls to take command of their own futures, encouraging children to live healthy lives and helping young people find livelihoods. By doing so, they are helping break the cycle of poverty in India, building stronger communities and ensuring that children are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, capable of facing up to all of life’s challenges.

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