Kamla Foundation is a registered charity based in the UK working with marginalised communities in India, helping to develop their capacity to meet basic needs and create solutions to poverty and injustice.

They are tackling the root causes of poverty by:

  • understanding the challenges faced by the most vulnerable
  • influencing and partnering local networks
  • promoting inclusive and sustainable development

Their approach is to build partnerships that respond to locally defined problems with culturally sustainable solutions.

Kamla Foundation’s website is a brilliant introduction to their charitable work, through its inspirational chairman, Bhups Mistry.

‘Time never stands still’

Below is an article by Lord Bilimoria, chairman of the Cobra Beer partnership, that featured in the Kamla Foundation’s 2019 newsletter:

“The saying ‘Time never stands still’ certainly resonates with Bhupendra, known as Bhups to everyone. He is one of the most active people I know and doing such pioneering work with the Kamla Foundation.

From his walk along some of the Great Wall of China to a Philanthropist of the Year Award, he is constantly seeking new challenges. Bhups also represents the traits described in The Times of India by the author Vinita Dawra Nangia under the title ‘Time never stands still’.

‘Here are a few priorities to help you remain true to your core ….

  • Keep in mind long-term goals. Plan for work, life as well as for a meaningful life beyond work.
  • Do not try to please everyone; you never can!
  • Be your own critic; do not be affected by others’ praise or ridicule.
  • Recognise your self-worth. Focus on what or who gives meaning to your life!
  • It’s Your Life – Best of O-Zone By Vinita Dawra Nangia

We are proud of our partnership with Kamla Foundation. Cobra Foundation is an independent charity, established in 2005, that provides health, education and community support for young people in South Asia, especially through the provision of safe water. Our charitable objectives include giving help with Disaster Relief in the Region.

The Kamla Foundation falls right in the middle of our objectives and we hope to work together for many years to come. Because of the heavy demands on our funds, similar to grant-making charities of all sizes, we ‘top-up’ our small nancial awards with complimentary Cobra beer! Whilst this does not in itself constitute a charitable donation, free beer does signi cantly offset the cost of events and also raises money for key objectives.

With my core family roots in India, I am strongly committed to supporting the Kamla Foundation, together with other charities doing such inspirational work for the bene t of disadvantaged people on the great sub-continent.

My late father, Lieutenant General Faridoon Bilimoria, was the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and my widowed mother and brother live in Dehra Dun.

I will continue to work tirelessly in the House of Lords and with Cobra Beer to help support those in the greatest need.

With my very best wishes to the Kamla Foundation.”