The organisation is an independent charitable company limited by guarantee and was registered as a charity with the Charity Commission on 31 August 2005.

Foundation Board

The trustees, who are also the directors for the purpose of company law are:

Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea CBE DL(Appointed 12 August 2005)
Mr Martyn Cozens(Appointed 23 April 2017)
Mr Maurice Ostro(Appointed 12 August 2005)
Mr Patrick Shervington MBE (Chairman)(Appointed 22 March 2005)

The board currently comprises four members: two representing the Cobra Beer Partnership, Lord Bilimoria, its chairman and Mr Martyn Cozens, its director of On Trade UK, together with two independent trustees. Our governance policy is that the Foundation chairman should be one of the independent members of the board and those independent members should form the majority; a new member will be appointed in the autumn of 2019.


Founder President: Lieutenant General F N Bilimoria PVSM ADC
President: Field Marshal Sir John Chapple GCB CBE DL

The Cobra Foundation Trustees’ Report and Unaudited Accounts

Year ended 25 December 2018 [PDF, 466KB]

Year ended 25 December 2017 [PDF, 538KB]

Year ended 25 December 2016 [PDF, 499KB]

Year ended 25 December 2015 [PDF, 308KB]

Year ended 25 December 2014 [PDF, 391KB]

Period ended 25 December 2013 [PDF, 373KB]

Period ended 25 December 2012 [PDF, 444KB]

Period ended 25 December 2011 [PDF, 396KB]

Period ended 25 December 2010 [PDF, 273KB]

Period ended 31 July 2009 [PDF, 238KB]

Period ended 31 July 2008 [PDF, 269KB]

Period ended 31 July 2007 [PDF, 218KB]

Period ended 31 July 2006 [PDF, 158KB]