Provision of Cobra Beer

Through the generosity of Cobra, stocks of Cobra beer may be made available for charitable events in one of three ways:

Complimentary Beer

On behalf of the Cobra Beer Partnership we can receive applications for complimentary stocks of Cobra Beer. As for financial grants, stocks are only supplied if your objectives match our charitable mission. Our aim is to help your fund raising events by reducing your own costs.

“Community Rate” Cobra Beer

If we are unable to supply complimentary beer, we may be able to help your fundraising event by providing Cobra Beer at a special “community rate”. This is currently set at £18 per case (24 x 330ml bottles) of Cobra 5% or Cobra Zero plus a nominal charge for delivery.

A Free Case of Cobra Beer Every Month for a Year!

This is 12 cases of 330ml bottles (288 bottles) of Cobra Premium Beer. This is a popular prize for your fundraising event or other fund-raising activity.

To apply for complimentary stocks of Cobra Beer please complete the online application form or download and print the pdf version [PDF, 710KB].

Please note that applications should be made at least three months before the date of the event.

Official certificate for presenting to prize winners to redeem their 12 cases of Cobra beer.